Friday, April 18, 2008

Dorm Sweet Dorm: Make your room feel like home

I think I spend more time in Kathryn’ Pagoni’s room than I spend in my own. Because she is Italian and a great cook? Probably. But also because even we infinitely untouchable college students experience such mortal feelings as homesickness, and Kathryn’s room just has a homey feel. And it’s not just Kathryn. Students across campus have found ways to personalize their rooms and create a space they and (for better or for worse) others want to hangout in.
I surveyed Kathryn’s room for tips on how she made her room her own. First, I noticed Kathryn’s drapes (they look even better in person). The bookstore usually has a few selections but you can find them cheaper at Target (yay for the new Metro accessible Target!)
While you can’t toss your old furniture in the basement if you don’t like it (not that I know this from personal experience….) you can add small, functional pieces which usually cost a lot less than you’d expect. I highly recommend Craig’s List for this because people will generally give you their stuff for free if you pick it up (I’ll admit that part can be tricky, so get your parents to help).

Little touches like paintings, framed photos, beads over the door, or even a wall-spanning fabric hanging also add some much needed color.

Buy useful stuff. I really like this coffee pot/toaster oven because it makes breakfast easy enough to make that you might just do it, and nothing feels more like home than eating.

I recognize this is very much a girl’s room and some of the suggestions wouldn’t really suit a guy’s dorm the same way. What do you guys do? Comment here, or email me at if you’d like me to help you show off your room.

UPDATE: Here are some room decorating tips from Kathryn (and an excuse for me to conduct an interview):

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