Friday, April 4, 2008

GW: Well, The Rankings Count for Grad School

GW is quick to play down US News and World Report's rankings of national universities in which GW hovers in the hi 50's (54th most recently). And I believe we are right in doing so. GW is a unique school that doesn't function like most. An oft cited criticism of the rankings how our high ratio of part time professors to full time drags down the ranking, when in reality our adjuncts are often experts in there field and the experience they bring to the classroom from their day jobs in invaluable.

However, I find it funny that when our grad programs do well in the same publication, the GW PR department issues a press release and touts the results.
"The George Washington University is once again recognized as one of the premier institutions in the country to study law, public policy, and public administration."
Highlighted programs (with national ranking) include:
CCAS's Public Affairs program (14)
-Law School (20)... a two spot bump from last year
-School of Public Health and Health Services
-Graduate School of Education and Human Development (29)

Well, congrats to GW I suppose...

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