Thursday, April 10, 2008

Cmail to Gmail

GW is trading in the clunky old colonial mail system for Google's higher education version of gmail, reports the hatchet. This is a fantastic decision! Kudos to all involved.

"The University will begin using Google Mail as its primary e-mail client next fall, exponentially increasing the amount of online storage space.

Memory quotas for students will expand from 20 megabytes to six gigabytes - about 300 times more than the current alotment."

The system will look and work exactly like regular gmail, except there will be a GW logo and the address will end in

Arizona State University was one of the first colleges to implement this service and students have been very happy. Here's a link to their 'Gmail for ASU' homepage.

Hope this is a sign of things to come in technology at GW. Fingers crossed one of the next steps will be campus-wide wireless...

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