Sunday, April 6, 2008

SJS ...they are just the WOOORSSSTTTT

Between the situation with the student sleeping in Gelman and the student being arrested for breaking into HellWell, it makes me re-think what this school's priorities are. With the increasing e-merge rate and these recent stories, I'm not so sure if they are looking out for our best interests. According to their mission statement:

"The Office of Student Judicial Services contributes to the University and Community Living and Learning Center missions by educating students and other members of the GW community regarding their rights and responsibilities as citizens of the University and the District of Columbia. Through its programs, services, and resources, SJS teaches and supports community standards and fosters positive relationships while holding students accountable for behavior detrimental to their academic, personal or social development; their peers; and the larger community."

The sentence "...while holding students accountable for behavior detrimental to their academic, personal or social development..." makes me cringe. If they really cared about students running into problems which interfere with our social and academic development, they would not have kicked a student completely out of housing and left him to live in Gelman library. What about alternative housing until the problem was resolved? This was simply the saddest story I have ever heard. I am so dissappointed with the way this school handles situations like these.

The office itself is totally disorganized. I have heard from many people that it could take as long as 2 months to hear back from them. They are more concerned with the punishment than the situation itself. My good friend was kicked out of housing first semester (granted she was caught breaking a specific rule, alcohol and false identification) but SJS gave her FIVE days to move all the way to O street. They said that anything closer than O street is considered on campus. They said the reason for this was because she "posed a danger" to the rest of the students. Please, give me a break...she clearly is not a danger to the other students. Five days is ridiculous to send a 19 year old girl on the streets to find a house on O street, which is basically Adams Morgan area. Fortunately her lawyer was able to settle with the school and she had until the end of the semester to move. But this is just another example of how ridiculous the school handles situations.

P.s. I have also heard from NUMEROUS people that Tara Periera, Director of Student Judicial Services, has a very dirty mouth in situations and curses infront of students during meetings. What a good example for us and our "behavior". If you feel the need to e-mail her and remind her to remain fitting in certains situation, please feel free at

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