Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Is it Just Me, or is This WAY Too Scripted?

I like reading the whole sex column by Delilah because well sex can be funny, and hearing other people's problems makes me feel a little hopeful about my own love life. It's like watching Sex and the City and laughing cause some really embarrassing moment takes place and you thanks god it has never happened to you, and if it has at least you can relate.

However, this last article on "Punch-drunk lust" is out of a bad movie scene. I can actually see the actions rolling in my head before reading the next sentence because I really think it WAS in a movie. Especially the part about "greeting him with old movie embrace - the kind that involves dipping and back arching," but hers was sloppy and did he not drop you??

The best line out of the whole thing goes
"Delilah … I think, I think I love you," Evergreen said.

Needless to say I was speechless and hoped that if I didn't say anything he would just keep going or figure I didn't hear him, but he was sloppy and insistent. "Delilah, I think I love you. Is that okay?"

This time though, I just pretended not to hear him and continued on.
So twice you continued to not to hear him and continue on??? I thought this Delilah is supposed to be this independent girl that loves getting it on etc. etc. Yet her first reaction isn't to turn to the guy and go "umm no that's not okay...BYE" Which honestly would be my first reaction. Sorry if I hurt his feelings by taking off, but "I love you" after casual conversations is a little too needy, and he needs to learn what those words mean.

Has the sex columnist ran out of good things to say??

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