Monday, April 14, 2008

Join Us On Facebook

That's right, is now on facebook.

Got story ideas? Like what we're doing? Hate a story? Want to argue with us? The, by all means, feel free to join our facebook group and let us know about it.

Of course, you won't be able to criticize us anonymously anymore. But at least now we'll know who our friends...and our enemies...really are.

Plus, now you'll get to know some of our real names, so you won't have to use scare quotes around our nicknames handles when you write about us on your blog. I'm looking at you, Jake Sherman!

So come along, follow me through the darkness...


Anonymous said...

I have an idea. Start posting here under your full names, that way we can link illogical dribble to the illogical dribbler.

Anonymous said...

The admin/creator is on the Catholic network.

GWBlogspot, you guys are outrageous.

DShirley said...

The admin of our facebook group is a current GW student who transfered from Catholic. Being a transfer doesn't make her any less of a Colonial.

And do I need to point out the stupidity in criticizing anonymous posters while posting anonymously?

If you can find a D. Shirley here at GW that isn't me, I'd be more than surprised.

Nice try, guys.

Sarah said...

Way to take it back to Mosh, dude. Awesome.