Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Leave it up to the Hatchet to make even sex bland...

I was having a nice lunch with some family friends today when their 16 year old daughter Jackie, going through the Hatchet, came across an article entitled Thurston's Sex Life. She looked at us deviously and began to read out loud.

Both her parents and I turned red, but fortunately, by the end of the article, all four of us were just bored. Nothing made us uncomfortable, though one line did make lunch a lot less appetizing:
To prove his point, Fishbone recalled the time that he found something stuck to the bottom of his shoe - a condom he later learned was filled with sperm from his friend's most recent sex partner.
I suppose that line is the Hatchet's one nod to safe sex. Impressive.

The article in summary: Thurston has a bad reputation, and students have sex in college. Big surprise. The article had nothing scandalous, nothing interesting, nothing new, and nothing useful.

Sex on college campuses is always a hot topic, but come on Hatchet, you have to try a bit harder than that. There should at least be some advice on how to deal with being sexiled, information about where to go for STD testing, or some juicy gossip. Something. ANYTHING. We don't need Cosmo style sex tips, but sex articles should ruffle the feathers of conservative parents at least a bit.

Congrats Hatchet, it really does take skill to make a 16 year old lose interest in a sex story.

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Anonymous said...

Well apparently the Hatchet sex columnist was fired for being too explicit, so now the Hatchet is playing it safe