Thursday, April 17, 2008

Study Abroad. More staff. More results?

Thank goodness for a competent person on the job. Well done Nicole Capp. I’m thrilled to hear that the study abroad office will be adding more people to its staff.

"When you study abroad, it's a one-time thing - if something goes wrong, no one bothers to fix it. But I talked to other students, and we all would like a more competent Office of Study Abroad." Said sophomore Mackenzie Drutowski.

Exactly! As I sat in a high rise on Passeig de Gracia overlooking Plaza Catalunya, the number one tourist spot in Barcelona, I thought “Wow, I’m lucky to be here. But I wish I could check my email.” I was paying triple what my peers in the program were paying and the flaky snail speed internet isn’t what I signed up for.

I voiced my concerns in IES Barcelona Student Council and to a study abroad officer in person. Result? Clearly, I was not very effective. Look at this conversation with my friend who is in the IES Barcelona program this semester.

Christine: hahah yes
me: and the internet works? big shocker
Christine: I KNOW!
its weird that its working right now
it won’t be for long
IES sucks
me: it sucks cause like there is nothing we could do except complain about the internet, they fixed sometimes and then the new class comes in, knows nothing and still the problem exists
me: u there?
me: ???

End of conversation

So why don’t they listen? Does study abroad care what people think? Or are they done with you once they have the thousands of extra dollars that they profited off you? Why don’t we ask them? Email them at or email Parent Services When they get angry parents calling, stuff gets done!

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