Friday, April 18, 2008

His Popiness

Not everyone was excited about the Pope's visit this week to DC. But me, I like to take advantage of GW's downtown DC location and see world leaders with a following of about 1 billion worldwide at once-in-a-lifetime events. I'm an insufferable sheep like that.

So I gathered with about 10,000 other people of various faiths, some of who had traveled as far as California, to watch him roll down Pennsylvania on dubs sicker than those in any Big Tymers video.

Here's a slideshow of the pics I managed to snap. Not a lot of great ones of the Pope himself. A lesson to any budding photogs, make sure you use the BSS (best shot selection) feature of your Nikon digital cameras if you're shooting a one-time event like this.


Anonymous said...

Great pics!

Emily said...

I like your Pictobrowser....probably gonnna see that on one of my posts in the future. Glad someone went to see the Pope.

James said...

Thanks guys.