Friday, April 11, 2008

Hooray for Gmail!

Finally GW has done something right! Next year there will be no more email quotas, or annoying messages from STS flooding your already overstuffed mailbox letting you know your mail box is to full. As both Macy and David have already discussed, GW is switching to the Gmail system for our email accounts in the fall.

SA President Nicole Capp is very optimistic about the switch saying:
"It's not like a watered-down version of Google for higher education, which is important because students would not want to have a watered-down version."
As much as we complain about the GW bureaucracy not listening to the needs of students, this change shows that GW administration eventually will. However it sounds like the decision to switch to Gmail has been something the students at GW have wanted for a long time, and the administration has just gotten around to implementing this. The switch to Gmail is a start in students getting what they want from the administration, but they certainly have further to go.

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