Thursday, April 10, 2008

If you thought the salad was a healthy thought wrong

It has been beautiful the last few days, and more students find themselves eating outside of Ivory or in Kogan Plaza rather than inside. Potbelly's has been extremely crowded due to the fact that you can sit right outside of it eating your sandwich...or salad, if you were trying to be healthy.

While standing in the long line for my turkey sandwich, I began to think about how much healthier a salad could be than a sandwich. Going against my gut and will power, I went for the sandwich. My "dieting" friend, on the other hand, went for the salad. While her salad looked satisfying, I was happy with my decision because I love bread. My favorite food in the entire world is bread.

Later that day, I went on my friends WeightWatchers account to really put my mind at ease with this question of which meal was healthier. I was shocked when I discovered that the salad was 847 calories, and my sandwich with whole wheat bread, turkey, lettuce, tomatoe, pickles, and oil was only 450.

This only leaves me to believe that the food industry thinks they can attract the dieting customer by putting a salad on the menu. My only advice is to be cautious of this when you go out for restaurants and not believe the common misconception that a salad is automatically healthier than a sandwich. In a CBS news interview with the New York Health Commissioner, Thomas Frieden, he explains the danger of falling into that trap of believing you are eating something healthier than you actually are:

"You might think that tuna salad, because it says it's salad, is healthier. But you might see it's many more calories than a roast beef sandwich. And you might prefer the roast beef sandwich, too. You were having the tuna salad because you thought it was healthy," Frieden explains.

Afterall, do you want this to be you:

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