Friday, April 4, 2008


For all the Hatchet bashing I do, it's only because I think the student newspaper is a critical mechanism for establishing dialogue among members of the campus community. Being exposed to as many diverse experiences as possible is the best way to broaden your horizons and mature both intellectually and socially.

That said, I wasn't expecting to create a new outlet for student conversation when I signed up for SMPA's Internet and Politics but I'm glad I did. GWBlogSpot is a unique forum that facilitates an exchange of useful and diverse opinions.

Creating blogs for niche communities on campus could be the next step in furthering to tighten the bonds with our fellow students. Professor Adam Green deserves recognition for pioneering this concept. That said, I encourage all GWBlogSpot readers to reply to this post with topics they are intrested in reading about. That way we can continue to connect with and inform students, professors, alumni and administrators.

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Travis said...

Professor Adam Green created the idea of niche blogs?

Here's one about BeeKeeping:

Here's one by the GW English Department:

Here's one about paleontology:

When did he develop this idea? 2000?